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METALSISTEM boltless shelving offers a combination of exceptional strength and durability, as well as ease of installation. Boltless shelving systems are highly versatile, and provide storage solutions in a variety of applications, from domestic shelving, to commercial and retail shelving requirements.

The fully adjustable boltless metal shelving SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK series have been designed to meet the needs of light to heavy duty storage. Boltless shelving is extremely versatile and adaptable, allowing reconfiguration with the utmost of ease. Because storage needs differ by facility, SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK boltless shelving structures can be fitted with a wide range of accessories such as dividers, bin front, lockers, mobile ladders, cladding and identification label holders transforming a basic system into a tailor made installation.

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METALSISTEM Boltless Shelves feature:
  • Clip together components for ease and speed of assembly
  • Boltless “clip-in” horizontal storage levels
  • Extensive range of bay widths, depths, and heights to suit every application
  • Inter-changeable accessories available for total versatility
  • Lightweight system combining strength and flexibility with high load capacity
  • Multi-tier and floor supporting capabilities
  • Excellent price competitiveness for best value

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Many shelving solutions are available including but not limited to perforated plastic shelf panels, chipboard shelves, metal shelves, modular shelves and containers, sliding dividers, shelf trays, sliding drawers, and plastic bins. As well as the extensive shelving options of the SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK series, they can be fitted with telescopic tube dividers and oval beams which are compatible with most types of hangers and provide a cost effective solution to garment storage (retail clothing displays) and for hanging loads such as exhaust pipes and tires. SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK boltless shelves can be customized to fit your needs and specifications, with countless add-ons to accommodate your unique storage requirements. Attractive, tough and at an unbeatable value!

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METALSISTEM offers innovative Boltless Shelving products of the highest quality, with competitive pricing. Our products provide highly technical solutions to the most common shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, extreme stability and strength and high cost efficiency.

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