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Mezzanine Shelving

SUPER 4/5/6 Mezzanines

The most convenient and cost-effective method of increasing your storage capacity.

Mezzanine shelving and racks can be build  from 3 different products, SUPER 1/2/3, UNIRACK and SUPER 4/5/6.

Super 6 mezzanines are modular structures, totally created from interlocking components, able to be adapted into a variety of structures including catwalks, platforms and rack supports. All structural components are manufactured from 3.1B (EN10204) certified high tensile steels.

The patented upright, key of the Super 6 mezzanine system, is galvanized via the SENDZIMIR procedure, able to guarantee durability in time. The profile, a closed section without perforations or cut-outs, enables connections to be made on eight points along four faces. This permits the creation of mezzanine structures such as shelving, catwalks, platforms and rack supports in unlimited forms and configurations thus enabling our clients to maximize their warehouse capacity.

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The design of the various components is the result of rigorous technical testing and the highly specialized knowledge developed over years of experience in the field of metal processing.

The structural components are periodically subjected to dimensional and load bearing capacity testing by internal testing facilities and regularly undergo independant assessment conducted by external safety and quality certification bodies.

METALSISTEM mezzanines are guaranteed to have a maximum deflection of 1/300 of the beam length.

The versatility of METALSISTEM installations makes them suitable for a range of applications too wide to be completed illustrated here.

METALSISTEM can resolve all applications where modular steel structures with specific stability, adjustability and resistance requirements are needed. Flooring is normally created via the assembly of the METALSISTEM patented modular steel flooring panels which, together with fasteners and bracing systems, create a solid connection with the other structural elements enabling horizontal forces to be transferred to ground.

The METALSISTEM steel flooring panels and platforms are available in three different surface options: smooth, ribbed and perforated. Other flooring materials, i.e. wood, medium density panels and such, can also be applied to these structures.

The Super 6 mezzanines are supplied complete with hand rails, stairs, catwalks and sliding gates, where requested, all in conformity with current safety standard requirements.

For more information about METALSISTEM mezzanine solutions, click here.

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